The tireless spouse, represented

Sign up for local horse stories in your inbox:  Horse Hubby gives credit to the selflessness of the horse spouse in calendar form Horse Hubby blog creator Timothy Harfield has once again perfectly captured the selflessness and creativity of the long-suffering horse husband – this time in calendar form. These 12-month 2016 calendars are the … Read more The tireless spouse, represented

What to read:

  On the web: If you find horses a central part of your life despite never having seriously taken up the pursuit of riding, you might be a horse husband. In the words of Timothy Harfield, a horse husband himself and self-appointed translator of all things horsey for spouses of avid equestrians, “you are … Read more What to read:

Winter 2015: what to read

Forget summer reading! When most people are at the beach with a good book, horse people are jumping courses and trotting down center line. It’s when warm weather disappears, that riders often find themselves at a loss with what to do with the sudden downtime that comes with frozen or soggy arenas. In keeping with The … Read more Winter 2015: what to read

No horse husband is an island:

Timothy Harfield gives voice and advice to an unreached demographic By LIZ CRUMBLY Editor An early evening call to Timothy Harfield will likely find him commuting home from his job as Project Director in the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success at Georgia State University. It may even reveal that he is en route … Read more No horse husband is an island:

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