FROM THE EDITOR: An emerging relationship

I mentioned my APHA colt, “Chase,” in my last column – since then, he’s started to come along under saddle. He’s learned to stretch into the side reins and begin working over his back, and I’ve seen his lofty trot stride begin to emerge. He’s become reliable about crossing ditches and the small bridge on … Read more

From the editor: my horse-themed tour of North Ga.

I hope you’ve had a fun and horse-filled summer so far. Mine has been both of those things – it’s included a tour of North Georgia of sorts. I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with horse friends – some who I’ve known since college, some who are newer acquaintances – and it’s made me … Read more

Harness horses: something a little different

By LIZ CRUMBLY Editor I found myself a little outside my comfort zone recently. I was staring down a deserted two-lane highway trying my best to keep 4,000 pounds of Belgian mare traveling in a straight line. The mares, Ava and Glory, were presumably bored out of their minds, having taught beginner drivers all morning, … Read more

The ultimate compliment

704views Sign up for local horse stories in your inbox:  As all riders know, when someone labels us competent or talented in that area of life, nothing else really matters, not the way we look or what we drive or even how intelligent other people think we are. And if someone compliments our horses, it’s … Read more

A message from the editor: this is what it’s about

My dressage partner (pictured with me below) is an unlikely one. Her name is Cheyenne, and she is a 17-year-old AQHA/APHA mare who has had six babies and two previous careers. I think some people assume I’ve owned her for a long time, but I haven’t. I only purchased her in 2013. Others assume she’s … Read more

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