Bling it: all the way out

Sign up for local horse stories in your inbox: Rhinestone Cowgirl delivers maximum bling on pretty much anything Jen Telgen, of Dallas, Ga. has become a creative force when it comes to crystals. It all started a few years ago when she decided not to shell out the requisite hundreds of dollars for a blinged-out … Read more


Sign up for local horse stories in your inbox:  Schleese technician Amanda Silver does saddle fitting and family life on the road By LIZ CRUMBLY Editor A lot of people probably wouldn’t understand the concept of buying property to add another “base” to one’s living arrangements, but that’s exactly what Amanda Silver did recently. The … Read more

The ultimate compliment

394views Sign up for local horse stories in your inbox:  As all riders know, when someone labels us competent or talented in that area of life, nothing else really matters, not the way we look or what we drive or even how intelligent other people think we are. And if someone compliments our horses, it’s … Read more

What to read: The Dressage Chronicles

The local work: THE DRESSAGE CHRONICLES (Deeds Publishing) Meticulously wrapped bridles, polo wraps applied with surgical precision, a vast collection of designer barn clogs arranged by color: this is the imagery that makes “The Dressage Chronicles” so magnetic. This first effort from well-known dressage trainer Karen McGoldrick, of Alpharetta, Ga., was released in 2011 and … Read more

What to Read: The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

The coming-of-age tale: THE YONAHLOSSEE RIDING CAMP FOR GIRLS (Riverhead Books) Thea Atwell’s life seems to have done an about face when she is hustled furtively away from her family’s well-appointed Florida home to a remote boarding school for girls in North Carolina. The truth is that Thea’s life has been in silent turmoil for … Read more

What to read: Lord of Misrule

The Award Winner: LORD OF MISRULE (Vintage Books) In the corner of the horse world that houses cheap claiming races, worn-through boots, dilapidated hot walkers, there still lies that glimmer that makes all equines a little bit magic. Jaime Gordon does a masterful job of showing us the chimerical glint of the next great horse … Read more

Winter downtime: keep your horse’s manners intact

Horsemanship Josh Peebles shares his seven tips for a more polite horse when you’re not able to ride this winter: By LIZ CRUMBLY Editor Often, we find ourselves unable to ride when winter sets in. Sometimes the monotonous stable-to-pasture routine is the only time we handle our horses as the daylight hours wane. Josh Peebles, … Read more

A message from the editor: this is what it’s about

My dressage partner (pictured with me below) is an unlikely one. Her name is Cheyenne, and she is a 17-year-old AQHA/APHA mare who has had six babies and two previous careers. I think some people assume I’ve owned her for a long time, but I haven’t. I only purchased her in 2013. Others assume she’s … Read more

World Championship Blacksmiths: perfecting the art of forging

This competitive farriery association is the brainchild of New Mexico-based farrier Craig Tyrnka, CJF, and its primary purpose is to foster knowledge about the intricacies of the art of farriery. According to its website,, the association was formed with an eye toward educating not only the participating farriers, but the horse-owning public, as well. … Read more

Education through competition: knowledge of the hoof marches forward

FROM CE STAFF REPORTS Chad Rice, CJF, is known among his farrier contemporaries for his quick wit and willingness to manufacture a practical joke at the drop of a hat. He’s taken ample opportunity to participate in his fair share of them while attending some of the nation’s most intense shoeing competitions, but when it’s … Read more

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