Prioritize riding time – for real

Check out the planner made exclusively for equestrians By LIZ CRUMBLY    Editor Gloria Gonzalez noticed a few years ago that conventional paper planners don’t really work well for most equestrians looking to prioritize riding time. That’s because they only allow a few lines for Saturday and Sunday activities – the days when most horse people … Read more

World Championship Blacksmiths: perfecting the art of forging

This competitive farriery association is the brainchild of New Mexico-based farrier Craig Tyrnka, CJF, and its primary purpose is to foster knowledge about the intricacies of the art of farriery. According to its website,, the association was formed with an eye toward educating not only the participating farriers, but the horse-owning public, as well. … Read more

Education through competition: knowledge of the hoof marches forward

FROM CE STAFF REPORTS Chad Rice, CJF, is known among his farrier contemporaries for his quick wit and willingness to manufacture a practical joke at the drop of a hat. He’s taken ample opportunity to participate in his fair share of them while attending some of the nation’s most intense shoeing competitions, but when it’s … Read more

Meet (very possibly) Atlanta’s next showjumping Olympian: Miguel Wilson

By LIZ CRUMBLY In a sandy arena, the June sun beating down, a young man puts a jumper through its paces during an afternoon schooling session. The rider’s performance is so eye catching that a trainer teaching a lesson nearby stops her students to watch; her assessment of his dedication: “He wants it.” That rider … Read more

Ride to the Olympics seeks to give would-be equestrians a toehold

439viewsOne of the key concepts of 16-year-old Miguel Wilson’s Ride to the Olympics Foundation is rooted in helping others kickstart their equestrian dreams. The Atlanta native is himself currently building a riding career that he hopes will propel him to the 2024 Olympics in showjumping, and he plans to be the first African American member of … Read more

How to escape the corporate grind: Sarah Dubois has done it

BY LIZ CRUMBLY Editor Breakaway Farm – the name symbolizes not just a new beginning but a bold start. That’s exactly what its owner, Sarah Dubois, was getting at when she christened her then-fledgling training business in Braselton, Ga. almost four years ago. And a bold start it was. Dubois began a new career, a … Read more

Poised to be a professional: 23-year old Ryan Genn shows us how to build a college education around riding

FROM CE STAFF REPORTS As the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association fall show season gets underway, we’d like to introduce you to one of its bright stars, Ryan Genn. He’s technically a resident of Ohio, but Georgia gets to claim him for most of the year, as he is a full-time student at Savannah College of Art … Read more

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